Hey There

About Off Duty

Hi Everyone - thanks for stopping by!

Before you go further, we know you're excited to get your hands on some OD but we wanted to tell you our story first.

We're Raeesah & Immanuel, a creative duo that has taken both our individual skills and passions and created our baby, OFF DUTY APPAREL.

To us, off duty isn't just a clothing line. It's a reflection of us, our story, our hard work, and our hearts. Off Duty is a movement and we're glad you're about to be part of it now. #squad! 


Off duty started off as a side hustle while working our full-time job as flight attendants (while being off duty, duh. Get it?) we've taken the leap of faith and went boots and all to pursue our dream. Right now, nothing about OD is on the side, this is us now, this is what we do. Our passion and our bread and butter. 

Off Duty Apparel is for everyone and we can guarantee you that you will find something you love! We pride ourselves on quality and take our time curating garments and choosing which fabrics would work best.

Before looking good, we want you to feel good. That's part of self-care!


If you're new here, welcome. If you're returning, good to see you again!  You're officially OFF DUTY.

Thank you for the continuous support and love shown to us, we appreciate it!



Raeesah & Immanuel